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Quote #132 The Reason For Life

Monday, the worst day of the week, not really for me because I have class at 12, but it is a mutual feeling we all share. I got up pretty early and made my breakfast and lunch, I took my time because there was no rush, and never ate breakfast up until 10, after which I had to head into the shower and then get prepared for school. When I was ready for class, the rain started falling and I was more of the opinion of telling it to take a hike, because I knew that the rain will fall and when I arrive at school, it would be as dry as if rain hadn’t fallen in a couple of days.

There was also work being done at home, because my mom was putting in a retaining wall and my aunt was putting in a drain on the road. I ended up walking with the umbrella and when I was walking to the gap, the rain started pouring down heavy and so for a short time I was happy that I had in fact walked with it. A van came soon after and I got out of the rain and was on my way to school. Got to school and exactly what I had been afraid of happened and it was bright and sunny.

After talking with my friends for a bit, because normally I would have the first hour for lunch, I was told by one of my classmates that the lecturer was about to begin class, and of course I was upset mainly because I was hungry. Went to class still and just my luck it was a practical class, we had to take two solar panels and take the name plate data as well as perform a few tests with them. My group was up first and it consisted of all the top persons in the class and we were flying through the tests, but we had to call it quits with the panel we were using because it was broken, and one of the tests that had to be done was causing the glass to move out of place.

I was relieved because I thought that my group was done, but we had to continue after the second group using their panel which was the good one, but my main problem was the sun as it was fairly hot, but I powered through it and soon we got done and went back to class to collect our bags and end class. I walked around for a bit searching for an empty classroom to eat lunch. After walking up and down, I found one with my friends and started eating. We all joked around for a bit and then I moved because the student’s counsel wanted to use the room we were in to have a meeting. The others stayed, and I met up with some more of my friends and started joking around for a bit until it was time for class.

I don’t remember much of what happened during class because I wasn’t paying much attention to the lecturer, but I focused back around when he said something about a quiz tomorrow, I wasn’t worried even though I hadn’t been reading anything because I was sick for a couple of days. I also inquired with my classmates about any other assignments I had to do, and only learned about one for Human Relations.

I didn’t hang around school very long and walked to the bus stop with my friends before catching a van after I had waited for quite a while. I got home in no time at all, and just jumped online. I started blogging and didn’t get very far when I gave up because of how tired I was. I then relaxed for a bit, and browsed the net and chat for a while up until 10 / 11, I started getting prepared for school as it was an 8 o clock class. When I got finished, I watched a bit of Monday Night RAW up until it ended and went to bed.

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