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Quote #133 Spend Time With Those Who Make You Smile

Tuesday, and so the week begins it’s countdown. Got up relatively early, my mom ended up calling me, because I over slept and I had to quickly jump out of bed and make breakfast and arrange my lunch. I remembered that I didn’t have to reach to class until 9 so I slowed down a bit but got everything out-of-the-way and was ready for school by 8:30. My mom almost made a fuss, but I told her it was an 9 O’ clock class so she relaxed a bit. When I left home I got a ride with one of my mom’s friends who wasn’t going too far, but I took it anyway.

After waiting for a bit, I got a van and after it filled up, I was on my way to school. The traffic was light, because most of the rush had left and vehicles were moving a bit more smoothly. I got to class, to discover that the lecturer hadn’t arrived as yet, but he came shortly after, and we were down to business. The quiz was a group crossword puzzle, and I wasn’t too worried, because most of the terms would come back to me plus the other member’s could help out.

What I didn’t realize was that a lot of the terms that we had been given, could not be used in the crossword because it required us to shorten them, but no one told us that and it wasn’t until the corrections that it was said, so my group did poorly, but we didn’t fail. I didn’t think anything of it because it is the first quiz of the semester and there are a lot more work that would make up the grades. That class ended on time and I didn’t have anything until 1 so I hung out with my friends because our classes were joined up for the entire day.

After hanging out, I decided to leave with a group of people to find an empty classroom to eat lunch, as my belly had started misbehaving. After scanning, we decided to use the first empty classroom, we all settled and started talking about food and different dishes, which kind of got me hungry again even after I had finished eating. After the discussion died down, my chest was paining me in what I presumed to be gas so I walked around for a bit before I met up with a few persons from my class.

They were doing their usual routine of entertaining, and so I decided to join in as well. I stayed with them up until 1, which was when we left to go to class. I went to class and got my seat and sat there waiting, after a bit the lecturer came and informed us that she wasn’t feeling well, so she would be canceling class for the day. I hung around for a bit, and entertained up until we had to leave because another class was using the room. I decided to go home but I knew I had a bit of waiting to do because, it was around 2 and most vans would pull off the road for lunch.

I got lucky however, because a van was going out on their last trip before lunch and I caught that and arrived home in no time at all. I told my mom and went into my room, I had an assignment to do, I moved the computer into my room as well because I didn’t want to be disturbed. I finished the assignment a little after 8 and printed it out one time because I knew my printer was famous for being a real peach at times.

I cam back and started tweeting and cursing because I was feeling rather horrible and I was directing my hate towards school, and wound up starting up a small debate with two of my friends after which, I left and started watching Flight. It was a great movie, but has a bit of nudity at the start, and a bit of cursing but it was a great movie to watch. That movie ended a little before midnight and I came back out and packed away my dishes before going back into my room.

I started browsing the internet for a bit, and downloaded some more tutorials, before I started watching some video tutorials on UX design as well as Photoshop tricks. I watched those up until 2am before going to bed.

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