Quote: Life Moves On

Quote #134 Life Moves On

It seemed as if the morning came about 5 minutes after I went to bed, because 8 am sure came pretty quick. I got up at 8 because I sort of overslept, plus to make matters worse I was in a bad mood and just didn’t feel like going to school. I got up though and made my breakfast and started getting ready. The class was from 10 – 1 so no need to walk with lunch, my mother had asked me to buy her a wheelbarrow wheel because the workers needed the wheelbarrow.

I wound up getting into an argument with my mom after, she was angry with me for leaving late, I left home for 9:45 for a class at 10. During my walk to the gap, I got a van and arrived at class for 10:20. The funny thing was that my mother was overreacting and the class, hadn’t even started as yet. The class started shortly after and I handed in my assignment that I had to do for class, and took a seat. I was oddly tired today, mainly because I didn’t get a lot of sleep, so I sat in class with my head down (Not Sleeping!) up until class ended early at 12.

I didn’t stick around school because I had a mission to complete (Mission Impossible), I checked every hardware store that was in walking distance in town, and after close to an hour of searching, I wound up having to go to the place my mother had told me to go to, mainly because the others were either out of stock or just didn’t sell it at all. The next thing I had to do was get to the bus stop and wait for a van, or pray that a van was already there so I could get home, because I was hungry.

Sad to say, my dream didn’t work out the way I had hoped and I had to wait for a van, and it seemed like if I had been there for about 2 or 3 hours before one came. I got a seat, and it filled up pretty fast, because a lot of persons had been waiting. The van got me home, pretty quick mainly because the driver was speeding, I didn’t mind it much, because I was hungry. I delivered the wheel and went into my room to lie down for a bit, I made myself a sandwich as I wasn’t in the mood for cooked food.

I had started feeling little better, but I still felt as if all my energy had been drained so I posted a notice, because I didn’t like not posting for a couple of day without any explanation as to why. I did that and then I just went out and watched TV for a bit while I ate dinner, went back into my room for about 10 thereabout, and browsed the net for an hour or two until I opened up some video tutorials, I watched the tutorials up until 1 am before going to bed as I had class at 8.

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