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Quote #135 Happiness Sneaks In

It’s a Thursday today and that means tomorrow is going to be Friday, probably the day I look forward to most of all. I had class at 8 today instead of my usual 1 pm class, because my Human Relations lecturer was having a make up session for the classes that were left out on Tuesday because of her not feeling well. I didn’t really care that much because it didn’t matter all that much I still had school anyway. I got up and fixed my breakfast and lunch and in no time I was ready and out of the house by 7:20, which was pretty good timing.

Got to school, for around 8:05 which sort of shocked me, but then again traffic was pretty good today and I met up with a few of my classmates and informed about where we had class. I went to the classroom, and to my surprise this class was joined with one of the business type departments, and I didn’t know anyone in there, so I relaxed for a bit before leaving and going back out to hang out with my classmates up until class time.

The lecturer came and set up, it was the usual PowerPoint presentation, which I kind of liked because listening to someone talk for two hours, isn’t exactly easy to do so early in the morning. I took little jottings here and there, and before I knew what had happened it was 10, and now I had the next problem of the day, what should I do with my free time between classes. Just as I was thinking about what to, a friend from class informed me about an assignment that we had to hand in today for the next class of the day.

I was back to my old habits, of copying and rephrasing and rearranging, so even if we did the same topics, no one could tell that it had been copied. I got that done by 12, and started eating lunch, when I had to leave stop after room was invaded by a large squadron of overactive males, which messed with my mellow mood. So I packed up my lunch and stayed for a bit, before walking around the school, I met up with a few of my friends and stayed there for a bit before, going back to the room I had come from for my bag.

When I got back only a few of my classmates were still there, and it was because they were still doing the assignment, I went back with my friends and hung out some more, up until class time before I went to the room, I had ELAM and I was really tired from the past couple of nights and it chose now to start catching up to me, so I took a back seat and kept my head down (This time I did sleep). The class seemed to go on forever, and it was kind of boring in between when I woke up and went back to sleep.

The lecturer was nearing the end of the class, when he decided that it would be best to turn on the lights and even though I said not too because, the lights are so bright that they hurt my eyes and give me headache he still did it, and behold I had a headache. As soon as class finished I handed in my assignment and left. I met up with a couple of my friends, they had to stay back because the had Maths classes from 3 – 4, so I left because I had another assignment to do for tomorrow.

I got a van after a little wait, and it almost crashed while stopping because it was racing, so I thought it wouldn’t stop, but it did and I got home, safe and sound but in very little time as well. I got home and got down to my business of blogging, and after I had blogged from 5 straight up until 8. I decided to start work on my assignment, it was an interview that I had to conduct and then summarize the information received. I chose to do my mom and told her about it and she agreed.

I did the interview after I ate dinner, and used my phone to record it because I knew I wasn’t going to remember much. I ended up with a 4 minute interview, which meant I had to make up a lot of things and the problem was that I had used all of my creativity blogging, but I made a start. I slacked off and never got serious up until 11 at which time the words started flowing, and I finished up the project for close to 1. I saved and hibernated my computer so that I could keep Microsoft Word open, and had less things to load when I just wanted to print my project and be done. When I finished all of that the only thing to do was go to my bed and sleep.

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