Quote: Your Present Determines Your Future

Quote #136 Your Present Determines Your Future

*correction in the second sentence it should be “It’s never to late to make a difference in your life”

Had a long night last night, but I got up for 6 and went out to print my project as I got busy making breakfast. I had a movie downloading as well so that started and when I got done making breakfast and was about to shut down I saw that the movie had about 30 minutes left on it, so I set the computer to shutdown after it was finished and bathed. After getting dressed and doing all the essentials, my computer was already off so all I had to do was flip the switch and out the door.

I have to say it was a miracle that this van, came up as it never does, but it had room and after getting held up in traffic for a bit, I was at school for 8:05, even though I left home for 7:30. My first class for the day was ELAM, which was a practical, (meh), after hanging out a bit, while I wait for more persons to arrive, I went to class, and learned what we would be doing today, we were going to be making a basic electronic circuit and light up a bulb, but not just some LED, one of those old school filament bulbs that you used in the house (awesomeness!).

I paid attention, (for once) and listened to what the lecturer was saying. The class was given a small, 5 minute break, and I was hungry, but sadly the tuck-shop didn’t have my usual snack so it was all downhill. Went back to class to find that other persons had already started and because I probably missed something, I was lost as to where I was supposed to be getting my parts from. I decided to observe what the other groups were doing and then redo it myself.

Luckily the class ended before, I had gotten far in my circuit building, and so I was off to my next class, Human Relations. Today’s class was the beginning of presentations for a group project, that the class had to do. The first group was unprepared and lost points for that. The next group was funny, but gave a lot of useful information as well and I believed scored highly. The class ended early and because I wasn’t planning on hanging out with my friends, I decided to leave school with them. We split up and went our separate ways, until it was only two of us left.

I was waiting for a van that was heading home, and not into town because, the wait was cruel at best, and I was already hungry. While I was on the final moments of my wait a group of girls, I talked to, got to the bus stop, apparently they were going to their old school’s house feed, which was basically a party, but in the day and somewhat clean music. After talking with them for a bit, a van finally came and I didn’t even hesitate.

I got home and my sister, had just arrived as well so we came up together, I just went into my room and slept for a bit before turning on the computer and going out into the kitchen to make a sandwich for myself. I came back in and ate and did my usual routines, before I realized that I was late and I had to start blogging. I did a couple of posts and a tutorial post (first time in a while). When that got done I started a tutorial about an abstract balls background and had completed about 50% of it, when I realized it was about 1 am.

I decided to go to bed but I had to turn off the net and also eat dinner, so I went out and did it as quietly as possible, so as to not wake my mother, she still got up anyway, but didn’t make a fuss about anything and went back to bed, then I decided to go to sleep.

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