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Quote #137 The Secret To Success

Saturday, woke up at 8, because I had to wash my clothes and it had built up quite a bit because I was sick last week. I got up and after, strolling around the house, I ended up making tea for everyone and something to eat for myself. Went out to wash for a little after 10, and never finished until a little after 2. When I came in I was tired and my mom had already finished cooking (Thank Heavens), so I went into my room and had a small power-nap. I woke up for a little after 3, and jumped online.

I knew I had youth meeting today, but I wasn’t in the mood to go and started eating lunch. For lunch they had made Bus-Up-Shot, and it was good, but I took quite a while to finish because, I was also doing the tutorial as well. When I was deep into the tutorial again my mom, called to inform me that I should pick up my clothes as rain was approaching. I reluctantly did so, and while all of this was going down, my aunt arrived home. It was the first time that she had driven by herself and I was surprised.

She still had a few problems with reversing but my mom and I helped her and she was able to come back quite easy. I went back into my room and gave up on the tutorial, as I had lost interest but I had learned how to create the effect and might use it in a design for valentines that I have been thinking about, but the problem was the actual concept in my head. I decided to let that be and lied back down for a bit.

I got up for 7 and started watching Anna Karenina, and I came to the conclusion that she was a stupid woman, after she had lost it all and had gotten what she had wanted, hated herself for it, and killed herself, But if you’re into those kind of movies you will love it I guess, I personally don’t. That movie ended for around 9, and I went out to take my vitamins, as well as watch an interesting program on TV. The program ended for close to 10 and I went back inside and turned off the lights and prepared for bed.

I jumped onto YouTube, and watched a music video and then opened up Twitter and started tweeting, and watching videos. I ended up watching video reactions and then on FPS Russia, before I decided that I had watched enough stuff for one day and went to bed for 12am.

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