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It’s the end or beginning of a new week (depending on how you view it), life just seems to fly past these days. It’s a Sunday today, and I am in a good mood, woke up late because the dream had just started getting good (If you know what I mean), but my mother called me and it was all gone. I was back to full strength, and so I had church, my mom was just starting to cook, and had already made breakfast for everyone. I ate and then went on doing my chores before I started getting ready for church.

I knew I was going to be late, as I left home for a bit after 10. I got to church and I found out that I had to work the projector, and I didn’t go to practice yesterday. I waited until the song had finished and then got down to doing my job. I have to say, it was probably the best I had ever operated the projector, as I was on point for almost all of the songs, and it was because I couldn’t hear what they were saying so I was having a hard time. I didn’t give up and was only off by a few seconds in that song but for the other songs, I was on point.

Before, I knew it, the morning worship was over, and I had just started enjoying myself (guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun), I got back to my seat, and prepared for the message today, (even though I can’t remember much of what was said) it was a good message, and I was awake the whole time. The clock moved rather slowly during this hour, but church eventually ended, and after a short meeting with the youths about next week’s activity, I headed home.

I got home and instantly I was online, I had the movie: The Bachelorette, but I didn’t feel like watching another chick flick, so I opened up Halo 1, and started on that. A little after I had started, my mom called informing me that my food was ready, so I came out and took it back to my room and continued my gaming. I had completed Halo in the regular mode already, but I decided to attempt it at the level just below Legendary. The first part of the game, I was like a regular Chuck Norris, the second part however, I got my but handed to me and so I decided to try my hand at multiplayer.

I searched for a bit and found a slayer type game, but it was teams and after I got accustomed to the mouse and the players, I started owning and killing regularly, so much so that everyone left and I eventually left because one person in a multiplayer server is pretty boring. I went back to single player mode and tried again and again but, I eventually gave up and decided to take a nap.

When I got up from my nap, I was feeling a lot more energized and decided to take a crack at blogging, when I had the idea about expanding my tutorial section, so as to accommodate a lot more people and also help me learn a lot more things as well. I wrapped that up for close to 8 and jumped onto twitter. I tweeted for a bit, the I jumped back into my gaming, but midway through, I had to exit as someone had spammed me on Skype and the game crashed because of it and I was angry.

I decided to cool off and went back onto twitter for around 10, which is when I remembered that the Grammys were showing tonight. Unfortunately, I missed it and I decided to go on YouTube for a bit and watch my favorite cartoon show on Mondo, then I started watching some tutorials on text before I called it a night and went to bed for 1 am.

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