Quote: Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

Quote #139 Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

Oh my another Monday, my first day back in school, in full strength and just to start my day off right, I have a boring class first. I got up early and did my usual breakfast and lunch routines and managed to finish by 10, then I showered, dressed and out the door. I took to walking to the gap, which had now became a routine for me, because if I didn’t walk to the gap, even when I’m not going to school, I just felt awkward.

I got a van and arrived at school early, after waiting around for a bit, I eventually went to class. Today we were talking about the positioning of solar panels, and somewhere in the middle of the class, I drifted off as I don’t remember much of what happened after. I ate lunch around 2 and then hung out with a couple of friends before 3 came and I had to go to class.

Today’s class was enjoyable and I wrote some notes (I don’t remember much of what happened in school). Pretty soon it was 5 and the lecturer informed us of an exercise tomorrow and I left. I walked up with a couple of friends and as soon as I got to the bus stop a van came, and I wasted no time to catch it and head home.

Got home and even though I was supposed to clean the bathroom today, I did some blogging and by the time I got finished it was 8 and I decided against it. I stayed in my room and browsed the internet and hit up Twitter and Facebook for a bit. I soon got bored and then jumped into Halo 1 for a bit of fooling around.

I closed that down and started looking at some tutorials for a little after 10, up until 10:30. I went out and warmed my dinner up, then went back to my room and continued them. My mom called me for around 11, to come back out and wash the dishes my sister had left there and I paused again and did that. When I came back in it was already midnight, so I continued the tutorials up until 1am before going to bed.

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