Quote: Better Things Are Coming

Quote #140 Better Things Are Coming

Tuesday, (Friday will soon come), I had class at 8 and my body was in no mood for it, but I left bed and washed my face and soon I was up and about. I got down to doing my usual preparations of lunch and breakfast, when I realized that I hadn’t taken out a bread from the freezer. The same time my mother came out and started talking about me being lazy which made me turn on the stereo very loud to drown her out, because she was getting me angry, and I was already upset as it was.

I toasted the bread and continued my preparations and I was making good time, I jumped in the shower, dressed and made sure I looked at least passable, when I realized it was already late. I rushed out of the house as quickly as I could, and as soon as I left my gate, I got a van. In no time at all I was at school, even though traffic was about walking pace.

When I arrived, the lecturer hadn’t arrived as yet and I remembered that he normally would arrive for 9 so I relaxed with my friends and classmates until he arrived. As soon as 9 came he came and after he couldn’t find the key, the class was moved to an empty classroom. We stayed there, until 10 and then moved to the computer lab, up until 12.

The exercise was a group work on what he had thought the day before which was Ascii and binary and also pixel theory as well as sound theory. I knew Ascii and binary back and front because I had done it for close to 6 years. The other two I knew a bit about, but not a lot. I helped out as much as I could and soon it was 12.

We did the corrections in class and my group got a few incorrect but it wasn’t all that bad. I went for lunch and hung out with my classmates up until class time. I arrived at class and a couple of minutes later the lecturer came and informed us that class would be canceled as she had a meeting about the new result system.

It was just a little after 1 and it was too early to go home, so I hung out with my friends up until 3, after which I went home. Got home for close to 5 and instead of jumping online, I decided to do the chores I had been neglecting. I finished everything for close to 7 after which I went online. I was too tired to blog so I browsed the net for a bit and checked out YouTube.

I then downloading some music and chat with a couple of friends, before I called it quits for midnight.

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