Quote #141 Good Things Happen | February 13th 2013

Quote #141 Good Things Happen

Middle of the week, and I am reminded that tomorrow is Valentines, and for me, a single person, it isn’t one of my most favorite days. I had school today and of course I got ready and arrived on time. My only class for the day was Renewable Energy Technology and despite me hating the timing of the subject, the class was great and it ended early, another plus.

I got home for a little after 1, and lucky for me my mom had just finished cooking, so I ate lunch, before I got down to blogging. I had been a couple of days behind in my blogging and had a couple of journal posts to do as well as some tutorials. I decided to take care of the tutorials first as they take very little time to do when compared with journal posts.

I never finished my blogging until 7pm, and I had quickly start an assignment, I had to do (hand written), after I searched high and low, I got what I was looking for and finished for close to 9. I had been chatting with a friend, and we were talking about books, when the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, came up (mentioned by me). I asked her to send me a copy, because I am a sucker for a good romance / erotic novel.

I took to twitter shortly after, and thanked her, and then tweeted for a bit, before I cuddled up with my pillow and started reading. I finished the first two chapters before I called it a night, as I had school at 8 tomorrow and it was already 1 am. I forgot I had some music downloading and I was waiting on the final one to finish, when I passed out and woke up for close to 3am and turned off the computer and went back to sleep.


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