Quote #142 Love All | February 14th 2013

Quote #142 Love All

Its Valentines Day! I am happy because, I have an excuse to hug random females, I got dressed and everything, I didn’t do much to my hair as I was cutting it today as well. Got to school in record time, after I got a van that was playing love songs the whole way. I had a Human Relations, make up class which is the reason I have to leave my bed before 10.

The class flew by quickly, and I paid attention, (in between naps), I met up with a couple of my friends, but I didn’t stay long as a van came and I took it. Got to the barber and no customers were there, so I just went in. The barber took a while, because it was my first hair cut in two months (I wanted to grow my hair). After he finished, I felt lighter and then headed to the pharmacy.

I bought a couple of chocolates, for my friend because she had given me the book, and for myself because I was celebrating Singles Day! (Singles Valentines Day). I went back to school and started my mischief, I met up with my classmates and after I realized that they were linking up in Nintendo DS, I joined in and after I got accustomed to the controls, I started doing damage, but I didn’t win any of the games.

I eventually stopped after my opponent’s battery died, I however had been busy (even though I was gaming) hugging females. I went to hang out with my friends for a bit, and eventually left because I had a class for 1. I went back and met up with my friend and gave her, her gift and then went back to my gaming.

After waiting a bit, the lecturer seemed as if he wasn’t coming to class and my classmates and I went back outside and started doing mischief (I will leave it at that). The lecturer came for around 1:30 and had to leave again to get his materials. I went outside and met up with my friend and her girlfriends, and hung out for a bit. The lecturer was taking a while and I took the opportunity to do some mischief on my own.

He came back and talked for a bit before ending class early, and I went back to what I was doing before I went home for a little after 3. I wasn’t going to blog today as I was extremely tired, so I laid down for a bit, then went online. I remembered that I had to do Illustration tutorials today, so I posted that then I read some more of Fifty Shades of Grey, before I went to bed for a little after 10.

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