Quote: Failure Is Only The Opportunity To Begin Again

Quote #143 Failure Is The Opportunity To Begin Again

It’s the day after Valentines and in my country it is what is known as “Matey Valentines Day” (Matey is a term used in reference to the person on the side in a relationship). I of course being single, I had no one to look forward to today Sad smile. Another eight O’ clock class, these are starting to occupy most of my week these days. Today was a practical class, which meant no writing, (my favorite words), we were supposed to be continuing from where left last week.

My group built the circuit in no time, and had to wait for a bit and I of course got engaged in mischief. Soon however, all the groups got started on the testing, and the first group had a problem, and after the time had already gone late, the rest groups were forced to continue next week.

I headed for my next class, Human Relations, and it was presentations day, so again I didn’t have to write.  The group that presented, didn’t d badly but they were nervous, and one of the members were late, so they lost points for that. Before I knew what was what, The class was over, and I decided to stay back with my friends and lime at school for a bit.

We stayed and I ate lunch and walked around for hours, before we eventually left because, the school is practically a ghost town once 12pm hits. I got home, and jumped online, and straight way I started blogging. I got finished and then, I downloaded a movie.

In the mean time while I waited for the movie to finish, I watched a few tutorials, did a bit of mixing in virtual dj, before I finally realized it was close to 10. I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, up until 1 am and got through 5 chapters. I eventually called it a night even though, I was now enjoying the book fully, mainly because I had to get up early the next day.

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