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Quote #144 True Love & Loyal Friends | February 16th 2013

It’s another Saturday (woohoo it’s the weekend!), despite going to bed late this morning, I had to get up to buy gas, there were no running or any shenanigans luckily, I went, I waited, I bought gas. When I got through with all of that, I relaxed for a bit but didn’t go back to bed as the sun was already up. I ended up making breakfast and feeding the dogs before I went out to wash my clothes.

Since I wasn’t really in the mood to do a big washing, I left the sheets and towels for the next week and washed my school clothes and underwear alone. I never finished until it was 2, at which time I jumped online and browsed for a bit, but before I could even get bored it was 4 and I had to go to youth meeting.

I remembered that this week’s youth meeting activity was bible exaltations, but I didn’t prepare anything, but thankfully my creativity kicks in and I am able to speak for close to two minutes before going back to my seat. Everyone did pretty good, and after, the activity for next week was announced and the meeting ended. I had to stay back and work the projector as the devotion leaders for tomorrow practiced.

Practice ended at 7, and I wasted no time in going home, I jumped back online, I decided against blogging but I used the free time I had to make various changes to the blog. I stopped for a little after 9 and started watching : The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard. It is a documentary on a trial that the owners of pirate bay were involved in, because of pirated movies. It is in Swedish so if you are going to watch, try and get subs.

The movie finished sometime close to 11, and I went out and did the dishes before I came back and continued messing with my blog some more. I browsed for a bit some more but my net went down for a little after 12 and I decided to go to bed.

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