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It’s a Sunday which means the weekend is over (Boohoo), I had church today, so I got up earlyish, my mom was busy baking and I had to make breakfast as well as do my other chores. I did what I could and by the time I sat down to eat, it was close to 9.

I never arrived to church until it was around 20 to 10. I sat in Sunday school and listened, we ended for 10 and I took a 5 minutes before going taking up my job at the projector. Today was probably my worst day, as I was completely out of rhythm mainly because I couldn’t hear anything. Luckily it was soon over, and I went back to my seat to listen to the preaching.

I was extremely tired from the previous week and it caught up with me so I passed out, I woke up around when church was ending, and just followed what everyone else was doing while I came to my senses. I didn’t wait around in church and walked up with my mother.

I decided to take a nap, as my mother was going to a funeral so she took out my lunch with hers and then left. I awoke to my aunt calling me and I came out to see what it was, she too was going to the funeral. I decided to go online and see what was happening, but sadly my internet was down and after several attempts I gave up. I remembered that the company had called to inform me about the net being down for a while as they were upgrading some stuff.

I opened up virtual dj and did a mix, (over 2hrs) before I gave up and started reading 50 Shades Of Grey. I read that up until 8 in the night, before I paused and watch a few tutorials. I watched close to 2 hrs. of tutorials before the series ended and I continued reading. I had school at 12 so I read up until 1am before going to bed.

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