Quote #146 Be Friends First | February 18th 2013

Quote #146 Be Friends First

Monday (Why!), Class at 12 and I just wanted to curl up in my bed and sleep some more. I got up however and made breakfast as well as prepare lunch for my self. My aunt had came over for some help to send an email, and I helped her out as well. I however went in after I had done all my chores and started designing but, my aunt was constantly calling me for help.

The time eventually ran away from me, and I had to pause my designing and get ready for school. I managed to pull it off and got my aunt finished with what she was doing before I left home. I got a van while I was walking down and arrived early for class.

I hung out with a couple of my classmates for a bit, I didn’t want to go to class, but it turned out that we would be working on the Renewable Energy lab, running the lights among other things. I helped out a bit, and ended up having to go up into the ceiling to change the wiring of a line, because it was giving trouble. I stayed up there to help ensure that the screws went in the correct place, and ate lunch up there as well.

My next class soon came and I headed to it. The class was revision for a quiz we were having tomorrow and I decided to sleep, until I was waked up by the lecturer to answer a question no one in the class could. The nap gave me some well needed energy and I answered a lot of questions after that before the class ended.

I hung out with my friends until a van came, I came back and did some blogging before I started reading 50 shades of grey again. I stopped at chapter 14 and then continued my design and after doing a couple of hours of tweaking, I was happy with the result but I didn’t post but I went to bed instead.

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