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Quote #147 Everybody Deserves Somebody

Tuesday (Damn, still not Friday), class at 8, so I was up early in the morning preparing my breakfast and lunch. I got to school on time but that was when I remembered that the lecturer was a delinquent and normally doesn’t arrive until 9. I hung out with a couple of friends while we waited for the lecturer I could do my ex and get it over with.

He finally came for around 9:30, and by 9:45 the ex was underway. I finished exactly when the time was up, I knew I had gotten one question incorrect but I shrugged it off. My next class was human relations and I also had an ex in that class. I wandered around for a bit, before eating lunch then wandering around some more. I went to class and did my ex, and I had to laugh because I didn’t know anything on it but I thought about it and did my best.

I went home after and published my design and then did some blogging. When I got done, I browsed the net and chat for a bit, I couldn’t share my posts as my net was bugging and not allowing me to load some of the sites. I hit up YouTube and watched a few videos up until it was midnight. I had some music downloading so I left that to download and then went to bed, as I was really tired.

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