Quote: Finding Someone Worth Waking Up To

Finding Someone Worth Waking Up To

This was specially picked out by me, mainly because it is true, and I am a guilty party in it as well. I am guilty of just “limin” (talking) to a girl mainly because I wanted to have sex with her, it is wrong, yes I know but the hormones, just cannot resist the temptations of some of these females.

But the reason why this quote is actually dear to me is because, when you look back at some of the girls you had dated, the first thing I usually think to myself is what in god’s name was I thinking at the time, and then I remember, I am a very hormone filled teenaged male.

And to conclude my rant, don’t be a hormone filled teenaged male, before you actually go for someone to date, think about it with a clear head, and make sure that the persons is who you would like to be waking up next to on mornings, and that would pretty much guide you.

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