Quote: We Don’t Meet People By Accident

We Don't Meet People By Accident

Remember that person that you hated to your core and everything that they did, disgust you, and that person that made you float on cloud 9 and couldn’t do anything wrong or that person that betrayed your trust. Guess what you met all these people for a reason, so you won’t make the same mistake twice (or at least I think you would have learned enough not to).

Think about it, after you felt badly, or relieved you learned something new,you made a small change in your life (hopefully for the better) and each new person you encounter, you made even more changes until you are the person you are today. If you don’t believe me think about it.

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  1. Thanks for the link back to the flaming rocket of doom. Like you, I try not to make the same mistake twice. There are so many mistakes to make, why waste time doing the same one over and over, right? 8)

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