Web Design and Coding Tutorials – March 15th 2013

Photoshop to HTML

Photoshop to HTML

In this screencast Session, you’ll learn exactly how to convert a warm, cheerful web design into a standards-compliant HTML and CSS website. If you’re just beginning to step into the web design and development world, this is the perfect introduction!

It’s one thing to design the site in photoshop, its another thing to code it ~


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  1. I’m still very new to using WordPress and am just testing how it works. I tried to read your comment but it doesn’t appear you wrote anything. You can delete this message afterward but if you had a question or comment let me know in regards to my blog for WordPress cozywebdesign.

    1. its a pingback … you will be notified as if you have received a comment but the comment would be a link to a post on another blog. this happens when your post has been linked by another blog and helps to generate traffic to your site and vice versa

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