Audio Production Tutorials – April 22nd 2013

English: This is a picture of a digital audio ...
English: This is a picture of a digital audio workstation called Dub Turbo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the spirit of mixing it up, I am posting two sessions that were created by which I find pretty interesting. They do contain a few premium tutorials here and there but most of it is free so enjoy and create.


Creative Session: All About Loops


“Loops are an essential building block when creating music in a DAW. Here is a great collection of tuts and articles that show you how to create loops, where you can find them, and how to make the most of them once you’re in your DAW.”


Recording Vocals


“Vocals are key. You can nail everything else, but without great vocals your song will lack life, interest and believability. Since 2008 we’ve been posting some great tutorials to help you achieve the best possible vocals. In this session we introduce you to the best of them.”



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