Week 1 Of Attachment 2013

I know I haven’t posted anything all week even though it was supposed to be Inspiration Week, well…. that’s life (sounds a bit harsh but it’s the truth). I was extremely busy with my attachment which is a web design project in collaboration with 3 other of my friends to build four web sites using the WordPress platform. I am not going to mention the business’ name as I am keeping it under raps until the sites are 100% operational.

Day 1

For the first day we had to go to the business place and get a further in-depth feel of each division that we were creating a website for, so that the design could correctly reflect the image of the division.

The first site was going to be a more corporate type one, as it would be used to showcase the other sites as it’s subsidiaries, sort of like how google has the search engine and the google + and Gmail, something like that.

The next was a more news oriented site, which would operate sort of like fox news, and would offer the shows that the department produced as well.

The next was an entertainment site, which was supposed to portray High Energy, this would mostly have content on new music videos / song releases, the department’s sponsored events, and live streaming capabilities.

The final site was similar to the third site except that it was more laid back in nature and would be more about lifestyles, (things like quotes, health tips, gospel type things)

Right away I had a few Ideas on how each design could be created and after discussing a bit more of the core requirements we were done for the day, at the business place. Our next task was to do some research and come up with a few designs that could be used for each site.

The challenge was to try and complete everything within one month, I am still having doubts about that small time frame, but I will wait and see as it is only the first day.

Day 2

Got up at 4 am and did a bit of research on various sites that had a bit of design features that I liked and bookmarked them, I had to carry my computer to go fix as the keyboard wasn’t working properly. That took up half of the day and I installed Ubuntu 13.04 also, because it was a low resource OS and I could use it to Virtual Box, a server installation, which is impossible for me to do in windows 7 on my slow computer.

I got back home early and started drawing up a few wire-frames and sharing the sites I had found with my friends who also shared their ideas. I worked on my designs up until 8pm before I handed the pc over to my sister because I was tired. I lingered a bit then I went to bed as I had set my alarm an hour earlier, which meant I had to be up for 3am.

Day 3

Got up at 3 am and started work in Photoshop doing a bit of wireframing nothing complete, just the basic layout to show how the navigation, sidebar and posts would be laid out. I eventually wrapped up three complete wireframes for about 10am.

I then left the computer alone and went and did my laundry, I never finished until it was around 3pm and then I came back ate and started refining the designs. I wasn’t using any grid system of the sort as I was still considering these to be drafts.

I started working on the homepage which took the rest of the day up until close to 8pm. I had to call it quits for the night and gave my sister the computer, I just ate dinner and then went to bed.

Day 4

I got up at 3 am and continued work, and finished the homepage by 7am. I sent it off to one of my friends as a couple of them were going back to the business place, to present what they had, and also get feedback and what could be added in or taken out.

I wasn’t going and spent the entire day designing before I had to call it quits when my hand cramped up from being in the same position for so long. I took the rest of the day and watched a few movies I had lying around before I fell asleep during one of them.

Day 5

Ignored my alarm and slept in late, did my chores and then started reading a book on Responsive Design. I did that for most of the day before I started watching a few more movies. I then went over into my Ubuntu section and created the virtual machine that I would use to host my WordPress installation on. I didn’t install the ubuntu server OS but did some reading into the OS as it was starting to grow on me, and I was seriously considering running all of my Adobe Creative Suite / Creative Cloud applications on it, but I would have to ensure the platform was stable (around windows like) so I don’t end up getting ****ed.

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