Week 2 Of Attachment

My roughest week to date and I haven’t even started coding for WordPress, I just want to finish this, but finish it correctly

Day 1

We had decided as a group to use the labs at school to do our work as some of us had very slow computers or they were shared so we wouldn’t have them all to ourselves for extended periods. I left my computer at home, as I was planning to do most of my work on the computers and then save to my flash drive. Unfortunately when I started using the computer it was running Vista (which everyone hates because it slows down your computer) and a lot of their software was outdated which made it even worse.

I showed the members the finished designs as I had done up two versions, and I personally liked the second version but they loved the first one, and so did the client, so I decided to go ahead with the first version.

I did a minor bit of coding before the tiredness started to hit me and I had to call it quits for the day.

Day 2

A few of the members were meeting with the client to showcase their designs and collect more information that they can add in, I had just started coding and it didn’t make much sense to showcase an unstyled html page, as the client would think I don’t know what I am doing. I went to school instead and met up with one of the group members who also decided not to go up.

I completed the html markup on all of my pages in no time and it was now time for styling the site (the headache of all web designers), but I decided to leave it for the next day as I really didn’t want to be pulling out my hair on a Wednesday.

Day 3

I worked from home today, as the lab was in use and I took the time to get refreshed with CSS, by following a tutorial on Webdesigntuts+ and WPtuts+ that showed the creation of a WordPress theme from Photoshop to HTML / CSS and then to WordPress, and there was when all the screaming and pulling out of hair began, as the guy was using a CSS preprocessor named LESS which seemed simple enough, but I found it difficult to implement it, and get it up and running and wound up being frustrated and eventually giving up on it for the day.

Day 4

Finally the weekend is here and I am overjoyed, I got up early and did a bit of work using LESS and finally got it working properly and started following along again with the author. We were meeting at school again today, and I was trying to complete as much as possible because to keep the June 7th deadline we had to start coding  for WordPress on Monday.

I decided to follow the author and use twitter’s bootstrap as it helped with element aligning and had the support for responsive web design, which I really wanted to do.

The layout and navigation were more or less completed and I still had to style them as the nav bar would be fixed (meaning that as you scroll down the page it would stay at the top and not disappear)

I gave up on the tutorials and decided to look at the coding and layouts of similar sites and use their coding to complete it.

Day 5 (Saturday)

I decided to do a bit of work on the site today as well to meet the Monday deadline and was planning to work tomorrow as well but decided against it. I worked on the single post page as completing that would also give me the styling for the full width pages and pages with sidebars.

I still had the grid layout to do and the featured image slider but I wasn’t too worried as I knew that I could do it, and I was determined to do it.

Here are your previews of the designs, I decided to go with the second design after day 3 of coding when I met a problem with the browser height, which caused part of the navigation to be omitted.

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