Week 3 Of Attachment

Scrap everything and start over, seems harsh but the road I started on was completely out of my skills and probably would have me screaming and hoping mad at the world

Day 1

I decided to scrap the idea of coding with LESS / CSS and redid the entire structure of the site. I realized that I didn’t have enough time to learn to use the preprocessor coding style and complete the website without going crazy or giving up sleep altogether. I found two WordPress themes, Superhero and Sidekick and decided to combine them together along with a grid layout.

At the end of the day most of the coding was complete and I basically had to copy the styling and sync it with bootstrap and then that was complete.

Day 2

I finished up the coding and started work on the CSS, because I was using a theme most of it was copy/paste and edit to suit what I wanted. I decided to start work on the homepage as it was a grid layout and most of the code would be similar for the category pages.

I managed to get the grid layout up and running using a plugin know as masonry; which was the easiest thing to implement, my next problem was to resize the size of the elements because I kept getting a bug which would only allow 3 of the grids to be inline.

I left that alone and worked on the navigation, I just had to rename the class elements and changed the colors to match the color scheme, and that was finished.

Day 3

I decided to work on the single pages today so that I could get down to styling the sidebar, I had the layout up and running and had adjusted the page widths as I was creating the website for devices with large screens (>1200px width) there was a bit of awkward spacing but nothing to major, I had to fix the comments area also because I was using the coding from the original tutorial and it was causing some positioning and spacing problems.

Day 4

The footer area was my work for today as I wanted to get the layout completed so that by next week I had all the styling completed. The footer was relatively easy as all the styling for it was already present and I didn’t have to add much to it. just change the colors around and that was finished.

Day 5

I decided to take a break from designing and just play a game of Halo to relax, I finished the first level in no time as I had the setting on Normal (I want to relax and not go crazy screaming at the screen)

I even watched a couple of movies and slept for a bit, before I opened up Virtual DJ and did a small set.


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