Week 4 of Attachment

The final week and I’m nearly finished after this week, WordPress development and then It’s 100% done, design done and HTML coding & styling done.


I got back from church and felt the weird desire to work on the site, the stereo was on and blasting loud (around 50 – 60%) which made you feel the bass in the beat.

For some strange reason it seemed as if everything was suddenly flowing, I decided to work on the homepage, and fixed the grid layout and implemented and styled the slider.

Then I tackled a bit of the single pages and got the full-width pages to display correctly and did a bit of work on the comments section

Day 1

It was back to school again today, I finished up a bit of styling on the slider and the homepage and checked it off as completed, the next task was to complete the post and category pages and the comments section

We left early to meet with the company to showcase what we had and get feedback and any suggestions for changes. It was a quick meeting and we also talked a bit about the hosting and website set up.

Day 2

I made a few edits to the slider as the thumbnail controls were causing some scaling problems on smaller screens, I fixed it and then relaxed for the rest of the day, and played a bit of Halo.

Day 3

I stayed home today and relaxed for a bit, I did a bit of work on the comments and got them aligned properly, I also added in the social buttons and worked on the footer area

I left the sidebar area alone as for some strange reason it was just sticking to the far left of the page.

Day 4

I relaxed for most of the day, and listened to some music, before I jumped into Halo and started killing some aliens, I had gotten stuck at a level and restarted it and was now owning like no ones business. After a couple of hours had passed I decided to take a look at the post pages again to try to see what the problem was.

Instead of using Dreamweaver I used Notepad++ to check the code and found that I had a lot of extra closing divs and one of them had closed the body container early up and now the side bar was just floating by itself. I quickly changed it and adjusted the sizes so that all the elements were properly aligned and spaced.

Day 5

I got up pretty early as I had the intention to head down to school to meetup with the rest of the group, unfortunately I got held up and never got there until it was close to 11. When I got there no one was there so I went back home.

I made a few changes to the finished design, I added two main side bars, one for the grid page and another for the content pages (because it didn’t make much sense to have the content taking up 3/4 of the page and then have the sidebar squished up to the side). That went down without a hitch and then I adjusted the footer and made it a small menu.

I then added a footer widget area which would be displayed on every single page, and the last addition was a meta area at the bottom of the page.


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