Audio Production Tutorial – Learning To Play The Piano

This tutorial series spans 40 videos and takes you from an absolute beginner (you never even touched a piano before) to a more advanced player. Note these are all YouTube videos and placing 40 individual videos in a post would probably crash most computers or take forever to load so I will only put up the links

How to play piano: The basics, Piano Lesson #1

How to play piano: Lesson #2

How to play piano: Lesson #3 Piano Lounge: Andrew Furmanczyk

#4 Music theory: Note values and time signatures

#5 Music Theory: Reading sheet music

#6 Music theory: Interval Music theory

#7 Grand Piano Tutorial; The Piano and how it works.

#8 Minor Scales: natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor

#9 Circle of fifths tutorial; How to draw a circle of fifths (circle of keys)

#10 How to Play Piano: learn chromatic, pentatonic scales applied to piano

#11 How to learn a new song for any piano, guitar, bass or drum set.

#12 Learn how to play chords fast: Chromatic Chords

#13 How to Transpose Music: Learn Transposition

#14 Beats and Time Signatures: Understanding basic rhythm and beats

#15 Music Theory: Scale degrees, Tonic & Dominate

#16 Learn to Recognize Intervals by Sight and Sound of Pitch

#17 Pianist Posture: Proper posture at the piano; RELAX yourself

#18 Relax Your Mind, Learn to Play the Piano EASY Fluid and Relaxed

#19 How to Sight read: Sight read tips and tricks

#20 Rhythm & Clapping: More Advanced Rhythm, Beats & Clapping

#21 How to Play Arpeggios: Lesson on Arpeggio pattern

#22 Turns, Trills & Mordants: The Art of the Trill and Ornamentation

#23 How To Play Piano Emotionally: Expressing Emotion in Music

#24 How to Use a Metronome: Why is a Metronome Important?

#25 Music History: The General History of Music from 1600-Present

#26 Polyrhythms: How to Play and Clap a Polyrhythm

#27 Cadences : How to play and recognize a Cadence

#28 Basic Modulation : How to Modulate into another key.

#29 Fur Elise Tutorial: Learn to play Fur Elise by Beethoven, the tutorial is easy and fun!

#30 Basic Harmony Rules: Music Theory Harmony 101

#31 Structure in Music: Structural Aynalisis; Binary Form

#32 Playing Leaps, Jumps, & Hops: Playing Eyes Closed (Good for Sight Reading or Playing Liszt)

#33 Alberti Bass Patturn: How to play broken Chords; How to Play Piano

#34 Hanon: How to Play Piano, How to play Hanon

#35 Scales in 6th’s & 3rd’s; Also Formula Patterns, Learn How to Play Piano

#36 How to Perform; Getting over Nerves when Playing at a Performance, Tips and Tricks to a Successful and FUN Performance.

#37 Teach your kids Piano

#38 Rolling Chords on Piano

#39 How to Play Piano: Pedaling

#40 How to Teach yourself piano online


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