Movie Review: 20 Something (2011)

Movie-Review-20-Something-(2011)20 Something

MPAA Rating: None

Length: 43 Minutes

Year: 2011

Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Drama

Plot Summary: A social commentary on the youth of today and the phenomenon with those who aspire to be Rich and Famous. This Documentary is a series of Vignettes in which we follow five 20 Somethings, who have goals of being successful, from four different cities across the country. This films primary goal is to inspire the youth of today to hold onto their dreams of being successful, wealthy, and whatever dream careers they desire, but to also acknowledge, that through hard work and perseverance, they can manifest their dreams.

Director: Lanze Spears

Writers: Lanze Spears

Stars: Taylor Baybutt, Clare Bilbrough, Sean Fahie

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Review: This film is a documentary, so there’s no right or wrong way, once it conveys the idea you’re trying to put across. The film is enlightening, because it features 5 young persons, just a bit older than I am now, and it tells you a bit about what it is like for someone fresh out of college, and it does so in a unique way which was able to keep my attention. The only problem I had, was with the scenes that were shot in club / street environments, the audio is distorted a bit, but other than that, not bad.

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