Making Some Changes

Wow its been a while, since I have actually done anything on this blog. As I am not one for long greetings let me get down to business.

So as most of you know, My schedule has moved from its regular slow pace to I have very little time for anything. Which is affecting my blogging, but I am trying to scale down the amount of things I am doing at once so that I can manage my time wisely, and keep up with my responsibilities.

So first up:

I am scaling back the Tutorials group, I am removing all the categories I know nothing or very little on, and instead, I will try to do my own tutorials on the remaining categories, but I have not set individual days for each category, so it’s just going to be at random [like the old west], for now, (the change has already been made), the affected categories are: 3D and Animation, Audio Production, Photography, Video Production, now you can of course still search for the old posts and use them, I have just removed the indexing.

Next up:

The Inspiration category, I am also scaling this down to a monthly thing, in which I will pick 10 artworks from my two favorite design sites (Behance and DeviantArt), along with a brief description or comment, and if there were artworks that I liked but didn’t make the final they would be listed in an honorable mentions section

I have added the Articles group, the Hacks category, a Sessions category and moved the inspiration category in this category group. The articles category in itself, would contain posts that aren’t exactly classified as tutorials, but at the same time aren’t part of the blog category.

The Hacks category would be about things that I find cool (people coming up with creative ways to get what they need done).

The Sessions category this comes into play when I do several tutorials on a particular topic (like when I showed you how to install WordPress using xampp, and then create a multisite and a multinetwork). This would contain the posts that link these articles together in a series, making it easier for persons to find.

That is it for the changes, the movie reviews for the week before last and last week will be up at the end of the week, I am still getting adjusted so please be patient.


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