Web Design Projects – Update 14/10/2013

So far, I’ve been designing night and day, (Photoshop is getting more use than anything else on the computer). I have managed to make some serious progress,

The first site (blogging site) design is 70% complete, just some demo images and fonts to put in and then its, off to the client for approval and then its off to coding.

The second site, (e-commerce site) had some problems with this and had to use woo commerce in the end as the platform, instead of Prestashop, because of an unknown bug that made the back-office inaccessible even after I had reinstalled it. So I had to then go back to the drawing board and redraw up the sketches and include posts, blog and portfolio sketches instead of the pure store front design. The advantage the client would have now would be the platform is easier to use and can be admined from their mobile device

I am 40% complete with the design, the homepage is complete, fonts and all, just the other pages to put in and then send off to the client for approval, and then its time to code. A demo of the finished homepage is attached so check it out.

Homepage - Draft 1

As for me, its off to school, #sleepisfortheweak

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