Web Design Projects Update – 25/10/2013

Almost two weeks have passed since I last updated my blog on how these projects were coming along.

For starters the eCommerce site has been put on hold as it isn’t extremely pressing, and I am devoting all my time to the blogging site.

I had forgotten that the contract had stated I have to be finished by November 1st, so as soon as I finished the design mockup, it was straight to coding. Luckily, the client wanted a layout similar to the Twenty thirteen theme, so….. that light bulb in my head went off and a child theme went into production. This is where my problems started, apparently the Twenty thirteen theme, has some funky code going on with the sidebar and footer widget areas, which was done on purpose, so after spending a day trying to find a fix, I just said “F” it and removed the footer widget area all together. I also added in a slider post type which was the only easy thing to do.

As most tutorials would tell you to import the style sheet from the parent theme, I copied it over as it reduces the load time of the theme, and it also gives me greater control over the theme, without having to overwrite every style from the parent’s style sheet. All I have to do is adjust the layout a bit, and finish changing the colors and I am finished, I am aiming to finish by the end of today (don’t know how realistic of a goal that is but I will drop a screenshot of how far along I am and the finished design and you would be the judge).

#PS I know I said movie reviews would be up last weekend, but …. I just don’t have the time, but Once I finish, the blogging layout I would have some free time, and I would do them then, no worries, and there are a few tutorials in there as well, (how to remove a sidebar using a child theme, how to add a custom post slider) just to name a few.

I also updated the written tutorials I did on Xampp, I figured out why WordPress kept fiddling with my code, turns out I had formatted it wrong, so it was being picked up.

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