Coming off a busy weekend into a busy week

As I am writing up this post my eyes are slowly closing down on me from severe lack of sleep. The NBC SVG website codenamed (blog site) went up this weekend, and the one thing I am thankful for is that I wasn’t building the site alone, it was a partnership setup so, I had to hand it over to my partner to make the final changes.

this is what the completed site looks like, there might be some changes in the future but nothing over the top

In my current state, I can tell you that you should never give up those sweet 8 hrs of sleep, trust me.

So I am taking this week “off”, well not really, I would be taking it light, as I have the final designs to submit for the iCandy website, and I was thinking about building the site from scratch, (to give myself bragging rights), and I have that truckload of movie reviews to flood this blog with, as well.

One last thing before I go, at the end of the year, I will be moving to Linux, completely, I have no other choice as my computer is too slow to keep up in windows 7 and the majority of my programs with the exception of the creative cloud are supported or have better replacements. So 2014 is looking to be very interesting

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