Welcome to 2014

Imagine that, This blog has been around for almost 2 years, and while 2013 had the most interruptions for any year, I must say I enjoyed it. I took all this time off did a bit of soul-searching into reason why in 2012 I had all the time in the world but in 2013, it was extremely busy. I realized I had changed how I blogged, and that was the problem, in 2012, I was random (all over the place) but in 2013, I was a machine (I had a set amount of tasks and I had a set amount of time to complete them). Now this is what kept making me feel as if I had the world on my shoulders.

But for 2014 (once I am alive), I am going back to my roots, or in others words (I am going back to my random nature). I am taking the schedule and throwing it out of the window. 2014 is going to be one extremely random year, but hopefully it wouldn’t be filled with interruptions. I must say though I am a little nervous as well, mainly because, as of yesterday I am now unemployed, and writing up those job letters are no easy task, mainly because I am doing the shotgun technique, (not focusing on a few particular place but just applying everywhere), but that’s another story.

Before I go, I just want to thank every single follower of mine across all of my social networks (check the contact page, it’s a lot), and say this, 2014 has just begun, no one knows what lies in store for any of us, but whether it may be good or bad, begin each day with optimism, try to accomplish what you can when you can, and most of all, nothing will happen until you make it happen.


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