My Funny Predicament

A while back (October) I did the website redesign for NBCSVG (check my gallery), so after we had set it up, straight way we had problems with the host. The were using Netfirms, and it was crappy as hell, site dropping every minute, plus if you get too much traffic, your site would get taken down. Early up in this week they told me they were tired of the shit and to send a recommendation of a good host for them to move to, I had sent them some basic recommendations before.

I was leaning towards Media Temple, until I did some double checking on them, to find out that their hosting is worse than what the company was already using. Now they gave me a budget, we don’t want to spend more than XX a year, I said cool, and finally settled with NameCheap, I had used them with another website project and they weren’t so bad. I told them to get the top-tier, shared hosting plan, Business Expert which NameCheap said and I quote “designed for busy and high traffic sites” which this site is (getting ~50,000 hits a month).

Everything moved nicely, I went in today transferred the site, without any downtime (even though this was my first time doing a live site transfer). Everything is back up, domains mapped, plugins working and everybody happy, I go home, double-check only to find out that NameCheap’s highest shared hosting plan still cannot handle the requirements of the site, so I am now faced with the challenge of finding a better host or moving them up to Reseller or VPS hosting plans.

So I am here now, thanking sweet Jesus that the client had decided to go with a 1 month trial run of their hosting, because I would have been in a load of shit, but i am also upset because if any one has ever moved a site you know, it’s a lot of stuff that you really don’t want to be doing too often.

Now I am posing this question to the world, which hosting company / plan would you recommend? because I am all out of solutions now.

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