Well Isn’t This Funny, I do Have to Move to Linux

Some of my readers might remember me touting “I’m moving to Linux Bitches”, and then I realized that my music would be lost forever, and I was like “No”, but now I don’t have a choice in the situation. The client from my earlier rant now has to upgrade to VPS because, well Shared Hosting plans, are weak and useless, and down right crap (unless you are broke and now starting your own site which has under 1000 visitors a day, in which case, just go with wordpress.com, its free and if you have your own domain name you can get a share of ads ran on your site).

Anyway, now I have to learn how to set up a VPS solution, and anyone who is in my field of work knows that a Managed VPS set up is expensive as ….. so more than likely, it would be unmanaged, so that means, I have to get good with ssh, how to set up nginx, and varnish, and all those advanced stuff. On the bright side, it would elevate my capabilities. Just one problem with all of this, I am using a netbook with 1GB of ram, on windows 7 so you know its a hell no, kind of thing between windows and virtual box.

So right now, I am seeing everything I have, what I can move, what I can live without, and what I really never use. As I have said before, almost everything I use is on linux, lucky me, except for Creative Suite. Sucks to be me. But I will survive, I haven’t designed in a year anyway, so most of what I do is just UI/UX design for web sites, there is probably a program for that.

I am planning to make the move for the 1st of February, and I will use my time to get all my links and bookmarks, exported, and get as much of these 32 Movie Reviews done. Because I love you guys so much there will be a development tutorial on something Multisite related, I just have to take the screen shots and write it down.

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