The Move Has Been Made

For the past 2 days I was busy backing up, installing and restoring, my files, and am pleased to have it all over. I think installing Ubuntu was the easiest part of the process. I was faced with the task of backing up 110GiBs of files, using a 32GB flash drive, which if you do the maths is around 5 trips, because the flash drive has around 29.7GB of real useable space. And I couldn’t compress my files into archives to save some space because, it would take a day and a half, so I would now just be installing Ubuntu.

So far I have to say I love the speed, it is snappy as can be, though I wish they would ditch the dark brown / orange color scheme, and use fonts that don’t look as if they’re bold. My only pet peeve is that it seems as if rhythmbox has a bug of some kind because once the program is open or was open after a while my mouse just dies, and I have to reboot, but when I don’t use it, everything works great. I do recommend that after you set up you install Unity Tweak Tool, and Wine (google if you don’t know what they are)

My next mission is to do some reading and learn the Linux commands, then tryout ssh, and try to set up a web server using Ubuntu server and CentOS, using the LAMP stack first, then upgrading to NGINX and tryout Varnish.

Some Screenshots of the Linux life

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