Weekly Inspirations – February 4th 2013

It’s Back! To Kick off 2014 Here are some Great Artworks.


The Underwater ProjectThe Underwater Project

By Mark Tipple

When I saw the screenshot of this, I had to investigate it, and I am glad I did.

Fine Art self portraits

By Holly Burns

A cute set of photographs some of which might creep a few people out, or turn you on depending on what you like.


Trivial Expose

By Alberto Seveso

This set is by far my favorite artwork from Behance this week, and trust me it took a lot of time and work to create it. It looks beautiful but at the same time, it’s not easy to copy.


Concept Art – Marvel’s The Avengers

By Rodney Fuentebella

One word. Epic.

new series Gulf of Finland

By Igor Koshelev

I don’t like to share nude art because, its nude art, show a little too much skin and you can be accused of sharing porn, but I will let this one slide, because the set is kind of cute.


otoliaTEN 2

By stgspi

I love to look at abstract art, because when you look at it, initially it makes no sense, but when you look closer you see the magic behind.

These days

By CherishKay

I don’t know what it is about this photograph that I like so much, but I know I like it.

The Pact: Million

By DimiBudiaci





By kaskaa96

This is a beautiful photograph, mainly due to the lighting.

Burning Candle

By ChristophMaier

I am glad I saw this picture, of what a candle’s wick looks like when it’s currently burning, really cool.

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