A Week Has Passed Already

Last week I made the move from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Linux, The first few days, I have to say were the hardest, trust me life without Photoshop is a pain in the kiester, and GIMP is impossible. I had to do an invoice up for a client, and normally I did these in photoshop as it was a lot easier when compared to doing it in word. Now I’m sans-photoshop, and I have to now go look for google docs templates, to modify, but my internet was all buggy, because the company is doing some upgrades. So I just accepted the fact that, life was going to be difficult.

The whole mouse issue seemed to go away on it’s own, after a while, because I used the media player and I didn’t have the problem. The only problem that I have though is the fact that, when you visit Youtube on Google Chrome (I am not using that “web browser” called chromium) the videos freeze up and are unwatchable. Not the same with Firefox, as everything runs smoothly.

For the past week I have gotten some virtual box action in, and I know how to ssh into a virtual box machine, :D, and I started learning about the linux command line, because I am going to be using it a lot for the next couple of months, and I might as well know what I am doing.

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