One Big Rambling Update

As you know I have been using Linux wholly and solely for the past few weeks, and I have to say that I love it, but, to date, the only version of Photoshop I have gotten to work using Wine was Photoshop CC, but it was heavily buggy, it was just as fast on windows (if not faster). Sad to say Photoshop is a big part of my Web & Graphic Design Process; so for this weekend coming up I will be reinstalling WIndows 7, then dual booting it with Ubuntu, (this means I have to reformat, backup and transfer the files I hold dearest), which isn’t going to be a lot since I deleted a ton load of useless files since I started using Ubuntu.

Another thing to know, I still don’t have a working LAMP stack for my Web Development, this is because I don’t know how to configure, WordPress and LAMP stack to work together, especially when I am using pretty permalinks. It works good when not, but as soon as I turn it on, the fan becomes rather shitty.

Enough about my troubles, I just have a few updates with regards to the Inspiration Category, I am moving it to a monthly thing, and the New number of Inspirations would be 30, but It will no longer be from just DeviantArt and Behance, It would be from all over the internet. So if you want your artwork featured, send it to me using the contact page, but please don’t spam my inbox, or I would just ignore you.

The Quotes category, is still in Limbo, I am trying to sort out that whole mess, and figure out the exact number of quotes that have been published. Other than that, I have re-enabled all the old Tutorial categories, so persons can browse, but they would not be updated unless it is a tutorial that I have created.

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