Time to start getting down to business

So my computer is back to a useable state, and trust me, after the weekend I had, I am not messing with it again. My plans for the rest of the year are pretty simple. I want to get into illustration design, logo design, improve my web development skills by learning JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, and Mastering CSS. And finally, start creating themes for PrestaShop and WordPress, by the end of the year. These goals seem easy enough, and I am going to push myself to accomplish them.

I am also thinking about doing Website Design Concepts, to help increase my audience count, I will of course start locally and then move externally. The only challenge is that I want to do both the wireframes and content mockups in a responsive manner. Which is a serious challenge because, for a simple 5 page site, it would be 20 wireframes + 20 content mockups; But that is still rattling around my brain.

I don’t have any major updates, everything is back in order, I now have the best of both worlds (Linux + Windows), now all that is left is for me to put them to good use. The only thing I am doing now is listening to good music, while I am looking for webfonts.

Till the next time I blog

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