Good News and Even Better News

Good day fine people of earth, yep another update, (at this rate I should just open a whole category for it) anyway, yesterday was the official 2 year anniversary of this blog. Would you believe it, 2 whole years, this blog has been active for. In other awesome news my Tumblr blog, this blog’s namesake, turned 1 yr yesterday. But to just throw every thing over the top, I finally got WordPress working in Ubuntu, (with pretty permalinks). So that plus the tutorial for the setup of PhpMyAdmin will be coming later (for around 8 – 10).

Right now I am overjoyed, but I am still testing it, I am thinking about setting up virtual hosts and installing Varnish, if I do and they work, well you will hear about it. Other than that, tomorrow is the end of the month and its time for me to take in some fine art,  and feel inspired.

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