Leave of Absence Notice

Unlike what the nice official looking title says, I am taking a small break, I have to get some studying in, because I have exams in May. So I will be off blog, for a few weeks, (about 7 weeks to be exact), but fear not, the blog will live on. Oh and sad to say this notice is 5 days late, so no Inspirations for April, and May.

I know I haven’t even looked at this blog in weeks, honestly, I didn’t have the motivation or the time, to run through the entire set up needed to make a lot of these blog posts. Right now, I am focusing my efforts on going back to my roots, I am learning the design theory, which will allow me to make better designs.

Then I haven’t coded from scratch in so long, that I am practically useless, in that respect, I however am working with the _S starter template, now I should back track all of this a little, and add that on top of this, I have an 8-4 job now, (I started this week), so no more late nights for me, but here is the kicker, my job is to do everything, that I now do.

It seems like yesterday, I started this blog, but here I am two years down the road, and I just have to smile at all that running this blog has taught me, I would not have, given up this experience for nothing.

Til May Ends,

This is DDMBOSS saying Live, Love, Enjoy: Life / Learn, Create, Inspire: Art

Peace 😛

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