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Quote: Don't Trust People Who Don't Love ThemselvesA few weeks ago, I decided to drop everything, go full antisocial, no blogging, just pure studying, boy am I a hypocrite, I never studied for my exams until the night before, but I did get a lot of work done, and yes I still have my job, which is now the longest I have ever been employed for (because I have never been employed). Anyway water under the bridge, so without furdo wordy lingo WAZZUPP!

I must say it was extremely boring, everyday, I was “you have to study”, and then I would respond with, “I have time”, but I did my three exams, I think I passed them, I won’t say 90% but you know 75% never killed anyone.

Onto the topic of my employment, I am now working with SVGBC, I worked with them already in the past, and a place opened up and I got called. My job outline, as how I interpreted it, I am basically in charge of their websites, I am responsible for the web design, graphic design, content publishing, social media accounts, and general web maintenance of their four websites, which basically boils down to a shit ton of work, and I am only actively managing two sites. I like the work, because it is my area of passion, but for one person to manage, is too daunting of a task.

When I started, only one of the sites was being actively maintained, it was an entertainment type website for a radio station, so I went in got some fresh posts up and whatever, got the plugins up to scratch, got rid of all the extra rubbish and called it good to go.

Next up was a smaller website, this site has more of a pop culture type vybe, because it’s for an easy listening radio station, “fair enough”, I said, and I started working on a theme layout for it, I decided to modify the TwentyFourteen theme, which you can check out here.¬†It turned out really great, though I still have a bit of work to do on it, with regards to the post layout, I don’t really like how its the full post you get on the homepage, looking into making it more of a classic blogging layout.

Ofcourse, while I was redesigning the theme, I was busy designing a background for the first website, now unbeknownst to me, the header and background are one image, meaning that, you have to measure everything out and scale it to fit precisely where it is supposed to fit, now after I had came up with a design, which in truth and fact, probably the worst design I have ever created, I had to then go chop it, scale it and blend it to fit the area, needless to say, this turned out terrible, and I had to scrap it and start over.

The next design I came up with, is the one being used now, I had to do a lot of tweaking though, a total of 18 revisions, but while I personally don’t like the revision in use, (it wasn’t my favorite one, I will post a picture for you to compare), it does look really great, and I am pleased with the outcome. [actual look]

Present day: I am currently messing around with the caching plugin w3 Total Cache, I have used it before, but I notice that when I have the options in disk mode, there are always problems, but when they are in APC, because the shared hosting plan in use allows for the enabling of various tools, so I enabled it, the plugin runs really well, so I am testing it for around 30 days, before I move it over to the rest of the websites.

The sites currently allow persons to register on the site, I really am not a fan of this anymore, mainly due to all the major sites that have been hacked recently (ebay), so I will be dropping that and put in place an email newsletter for the websites, but I won’t use WordPress’ email feature, I would probably use Mailchimp, as they have a free scheme in place and it will allow me to get familiar with the newsletter business, plus I can sell this idea to company as a way for them to market products to their readers, so win-win.

Another thing I am looking into, three of the sites are ran on a wordpress multisite while the last remaining one is seperate, the problem that is stopping me from just bringing over the last site is that, it is the main site which was being kept up to date and has 1000+ posts, each of which has several images, so I need a better way to move posts that just the wordpress export/import method, because that it a hit/miss type thing, and when it hits its great but if it misses, I am f**ked.

Other than that the only thing I did was that I change the slogan for this website / business (coming soon), rather that Live, Love, Enjoy: Life / Learn, Create, Inspire: Art, its now just Live, Love, Enjoy: Life, because that is what is important, it makes no sense to spend half your life doing something you hate, and then regretting everything after, take chance if it doesn’t pan out, you tried!, and that is what matters.

Right now I have to end this post I have been typing for far too long, and I need to be up at 5AM local time, so I gots to hit my bed with my head. So I just want to say thank you and enjoy the rest of your night

Delano Maloney


Live, Love, Enjoy: Life

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