It’s Been A Long Year

cropped-various-719.jpgWell this is the first official blog entry for my new site but I guess that is a good thing.

2014 has been a long year for me, I started the year unemployed but now I have a job, so that’s good. But the biggest thing for me was to decide which road to take in terms of Design and Development.

This year was supposed to be my year of coding, but as life would have it I wound up designing a lot more than developing, and truth be told I kind of like it that way, when I am designing it feels natural, you know, my imagination is flexing its infinite awesomeness, but when I go to code something its always stressful, but at the same time fun in a completely different way.

But the final decider for me would have to be how volatile the life of a developer is. You spend months on end learning a new technique only to have it become obsolete in pretty much the amount of time it took you to perfect it.

2014 also saw me getting baptised and also playing several instruments (bass guitar being my strong suit). Things that I never really expected to happen so soon.

I know I didn’t blog a lot in 2014 but it was probably for the best, as I would have been way more challenging to move a larger blog from and trust me its not exactly easy. But that’s a story for another time.
Looking forward to 2015, I can’t promise anything but my focus would be mostly on Graphic Design, so I don’t know if I would be posting more or less.

I do have to admit though that I am extremely rusty when it comes to Graphic Design, and with my Job and Music Lessons, I have an uphill battle ahead of me, but then again that is pretty much everyday for me.

Music wise I am learning to play the Bass Guitar, and I am actually quite good, but my biggest problem is that I am stuck playing just root notes and not coming up with all these crazy, cool sounding melodies.

But I just have to take it one step at a time, and do my best.

Again thank you for supporting my blog, even though I all but abandoned it and I would just like to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and A Prosperous New Year.

Delano Maloney.

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