Welcome to 2015

Seems like just yesterday, I started blogging but look at me now. Anyway, let me start the year off on a good note, 2014, was extremely challenging and 2015 is seemingly heading in that direction, but I have to try and get my blog back in order, and get back on the path towards my career goals.

But in saying that nothing is ever as easy as it seems, back in 2012, I was leaps and bounds ahead of the graphic designer, I am presently. That old saying about “use it or lose it,” stuff’s true. Because in 2013 I hit the limit of my computer at the time with Photoshop and I was forced to back off or upgrade, and an being unemployed student, obvious option was to back off. The problem however was that I was getting ideas for cool things to design, but no machine to build them with.

And over time I got lazy and ideas stopped coming and now, I have to fight to come up with ideas, and even when I do, I don’t have the motivation to attempt them. So I gave you that long story to basically say, I am going back to the basics.

All the basic 101 stuff that n00bs need to learn to get good on Photoshop. I will  also of course share my knowledge on this blog, so that is something to look forward to.

I am also getting into video editing, for the time being though I will be using game footage from when I do gaming sessions, and try to do various edits on it, reduce the amount of times I died and so forth.

But this is only the first week of 2015, I will pace myself and set my goals for the year and hopefully by December, I would at least be at the same level I was back in 2012.

Till the next time I drop one of these little blog updates, this is me wishing everyone peace, love, and long life. I’m gone.

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