Its Officially Three Years Of Blogging

Time really does fly… As I sit here just reflecting on the past couple of years that I have kept a personal blog, I must say that I have definitely come a looooonnng way.

Back in 2012 when I first started this blog after having a lot of my other website ventures taken down due to copyright infringement. I decided to try something new mainly out of boredom and to keep me sane, and so this blog was conceived.

Here I was a 16 year old, with no clue what he was going to blog about, starting a personal blog. Then I got inspired from learning to use Photoshop and went with that. Then the blog started growing and expanding and got out of hand very quickly.

Now here I was at 18 now face with the question of whether or not I wanted to continue blogging. But I didn’t know how to blog, and worse yet, I was developing a perfectionist attitude that was detrimental to my creativity.

Then I got an idea, but this wasn’t just any idea, this idea led me to start checking out other blogs and seeing how a lot of bloggers operate, and also how to avoid burning out myself.

And so this idea, turned into a plan then into a mission and now to being executed.

This idea you ask, why don’t I just start over and do it better the second time.

At first I was against it because, that would mean throwing away two years of work …. But I realized that it was probably best to start over now than when I have a lot more at stake.

So here I go starting all over from a little more than scratch.

Let’s see what this year has in store.

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