Calder New Testament Church Christmas Program 2016

I decided today would be a great day to feature my church’s Christmas Program.

So a little background information, the video was captured using an old Sony camcorder, that was outputting video to a Dazzle Video Recorder and into OBS Studio that was deinterlacing the footage as well as streaming  and recording.

Audio was coming in straight from the mixer into a Behringer UCA 222 and was being processed by my special sauce combination, and sent into OBS and synced with the video.

Did the intro and lower thirds in aftereffects, which I learned to use in a month.

Ton load of practice and tweaking and other preparations, and this is the end result, It may not be in ultra crisp HD but for a small Church, I have to say it was well done.

So Enjoy, and leave your comments about it.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone see you in the New Year 😘

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