Movie Review: Arrival (2016)


MPAA Rating: PG-13

Length: 1h 56min

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Plot Summary: When twelve mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writers: Eric Heisserer, Ted Chiang

Stars: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker



I like that this movie takes a different approach to what I would call the stereotypical alien invasion movie.

Rather than a bunch of aliens invading and blowing stuff up, these aliens simply land and it’s up to humans to make contact and overcome language barriers, but as with all things human, we end up on the brink of war.

All in all the movie is enjoyable, depending on the mood you’re in it would either be interesting or boring, or if you’re me brief periods of interesting and extended periods of boring.

I would recommend you give it a watch though, gives you something to think about.

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