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My name is Delano Maloney, I am a  Computer Technician, and a hobbyist Web & Graphic Designer.

I am a national of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, a small island in the Caribbean, which has great weather all year round, though some days it’s brutally hot and others it’s almost freezing cold.

In real life I am a very quiet person, whom many have described as timid, but as people get to know me, I am actually quite funny, and caring.

I am a big music and movie lover, and I play the Bass Guitar. I am also a Christian, and is very active in my native church.

I love animals, and currently have a dog and a cat, that have a deep regard for me.

I am a Taurus (if that is important) so a lot of things I do are based on the mood I am in as is my music.

A lot of the content on this blog will be opinion based and it may offend some persons for that I am sorry, but I stand by what I say.

I thank all of you who visit this blog for your support, you viewing this blog means a lot, and I hope you visit a lot more in the future.

If you ever want to get into contact with me for any reason, you can one of the links below: