It’s Been A While…

So it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything into my blog. You don’t notice how much time has passed until you wake up and realize it’s been 2 months since you did anything on your blog.

Well long story short, I’ve been busy with work, the company I work for SVG Broadcasting Corporation, recently closed one of it’s radio stations and rebranded the second.

Now that might not sound significant except I had to do the graphics for the rebranded station as well as rebrand all the old station’s social media accounts, and clean up said social media accounts, (basically deleting everything ever posted on them), and also create a new website for the rebranded station.

Here’s the logo for the new station, designed by yours truly, this is like the 6th iteration and everyone sort of just was like they liked it.

Now in the midst of all this work mayhem, my church had it’s National Convention, so I was basically going from work to that for the 3 nights then I got sick and missed the actual General Convention day 😑.

Now imagine everything is going to shit and you manage to get sick, your work is still waiting on you, just means you’re running out of time, because did I mention I had to do all of that by the end of May, because the station was launching on the first of June.

Well I got everything done, closed my eyes for 15 minutes and the day was here, everything wasn’t completely finished but the launch went pretty incident free.

So that’s where my work life is at right now.

Picture of the studio on launch day

Onto more recent events I’m back at 90% health, still getting those grey hairs fast and furious, and still enjoying my life.

I saw all the comments on my tutorials, I will be on vacation from July so will take that time to recheck and rewrite a lot of the tutorials. So I know I’m taking a lot longer than you’d want but I’m pretty busy.

So that’s what I’ve been up to these past couple of weeks and here’s a picture of a sunset for your patience. 💋

So… Happy New Year?

It’s already the middle of the month, and where are my manners. Happy New Year all, hope everyone has a great and wonderful year, and achieve their goals.

I didn’t set any new year’s resolutions, so I’m pretty much set to have a great year, keep pushing myself to the limit to achieve my goals, and keep learning something new everyday.

But enough of that long pants, here’s some pictures that I’ve taken thus far in the year.

P.S. These were taken with a Smartphone (Motorola G4) and have been resized and compressed,… I am a web designer still you know

Mandatory Blog Update (July 15th 2016)

Hello there, to persons that still visit this blog, this is just a little update so you know I’m still alive and this blog is still somewhat maintained.
I haven’t done one of these in a while so I will list what is new/fixed.

1. Finally fixed the contact form

Emails sent using the contact form now come to my inbox where I can see and reply to them, and not get stuck in the hole that is my spam folder.

Plus added a captcha block so suck on those eggs spam bots

2. Decided am showing ads on my blog but ads.

Finally said you know what I might as well try to make some return from this blog. Maybe that might motivate me to write more, who knows

3. Changed most of my social media handles (no longer ddmboss)

Yep I’m trying to get away from the “ddmboss” brand and start using my name as a brand “Delano_Maloney”.

4. I created a twitch channel.

But I haven’t set it up fully just yet. Need to run a wired connection for streaming and all that. I want to do simplistic streams; IE, just me playing the game, no mic, maybe my webcam, but just simplify it a bit.

I also like the 14 day deletion policy on streams, wish it was 30 days, but I don’t want my videos to be permanent.

That’s about it as far as updates go, like I said mandatory.

Till next time, Live, Love, and Enjoy

Delano Maloney

Welcome to 2016

Wow, you blink and you miss the years, well as everyone knows by now its 2016, yep 2016.

2015 was a pretty challenging year, personally, and I was taught a lot that I will carry with me throughout my life, but for what its worth I enjoyed it as well.

For 2016, I plan on just enjoying my life,  people say life is short but its actually the longest thing we do, so I’m going to work smarter and enjoy it more, and stop worrying about what person’s perception of me might be.

As for where this blog fits in, I don’t really know right now, but all I can say is I’m not going to abandon it.

So I just want to wish all of you a blessed 2016, make it count, be amazing and I will catch up with you soon.

Thanks for all the support
Delano Maloney