Climbing La Soufriere Volcano, St. Vincent

I did this climb about a month or so ago, and only just got around to sharing them on here, I took quite a lot of pictures, not all came out the best, and my phone missed focus on quite a few, but figured it was worth a share still.

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Mandatory Blog Update (July 15th 2016)

Hello there, to persons that still visit this blog, this is just a little update so you know I’m still alive and this blog is still somewhat maintained.


Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean it’s 1985? – YouTube

This just made my week <3  🙂  😎


A Good Life

Here is something to think on


Quote: A Relationship Is Not

I just happened to be browsing facebook and came across this picture quote that I think might make a nice share for some couple out there….


How to Setup SSL/HTTPS on WordPress

Hello there interwebs, today I’m finally going to do a tutorial on how to setup SSL/HTTPS on WordPress. I have been meaning to do this tutorial for quite sometime since this blog has been using SSL/HTTPS from its inception, but I guess better late than never right 😉


Quote: ‘If You Can Imagine It’

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it.” — William Arthur Ward


Quote: You Can’t Keep Blaming Yourself

“You can’t keep blaming yourself, just blame yourself once and move on” ~ Homer Simpson/ The Simpsons.


Welcome to 2016

Happy 2016 Everyone!


Quote: “The Good Times”

“The good times become great memories. The bad times become great lessons.”