So… Happy New Year?

It’s already the middle of the month, and where are my manners. Happy New Year all, hope everyone has a great and wonderful year, and achieve their goals.

I didn’t set any new year’s resolutions, so I’m pretty much set to have a great year, keep pushing myself to the limit to achieve my goals, and keep learning something new everyday.

But enough of that long pants, here’s some pictures that I’ve taken thus far in the year.

P.S. These were taken with a Smartphone (Motorola G4) and have been resized and compressed,… I am a web designer still you know


How to Stream with OBS Studio


If you have been following this blog, you know that I use OBS Studio to stream myself playing the occasional game, as well as for my Church’s Livestream. Now since I’m a strong believer in sharing the knowledge I have ascertained with others, I have decided to make a how to tutorial on how to get started streaming with OBS Studio.

Props to NerdorDie on YouTube for creating such a comprehensive tutorial series. You can check out their website to get the free resources from the videos.

1. Tutorial Series Introduction

2. OBS Studio Vs Classic

3. Downloading and Installing OBS Studio

4. OBS Studio Settings – Bitrate, Twitch Server, and Stream Key

5. OBS Studio Settings – Recording, Resolution, Audio, and More

6. In-depth look at Sources in OBS Studio

7. Filters In OBS Studio

8. Scenes in OBS Studio

9. What Twitch Alert System Should You Use? (Optional)

10. Setting Up Twitch Account and Nightbot Before We Stream

11. Going Live On Twitch With OBS Studio

Hopefully you made it to the end of the playlist, just a side note, these settings can also be carried over to other streaming providers, so you’re not stuck using Twitch streaming only.